Hello,  I’m Marc.

Alongside producers, directors, and directors of photography, I help balance spontaneous creativity with budgeted intentions, uncovering VFX problems, and solving them. I forge professional alliances and maintain respectful partnerships with departmental leads across the production, steering conversations toward agreeable outcomes to avert potential VFX hiccups, fore, and aft.

Aside from managing client, cast, and crew relationships with diplomatic aplomb, I provide support via the following activities:

  • Preparing preliminary script breakdowns, VFX overviews, and proposals
  • Directing VFX plate photography;  2nd Unit/ VFX Unit planning & execution
  • Onset VFX supervision, in-studio & on location, domestic and international
  • Camera data acquisition, set surveys, and location scouts
  • HDRI, photogrammetry, texture & reference photography

    •   LET’S CHAT  

“Marc is such a great craftsman and storyteller. Fantastic attitude, great ideas, works extremely well with clients, very strong problem-solving skills across the board. A great guy to be around and to work with. My only warning; be prepared to laugh.” – Russ Dube, Executive Producer / Sr. VFX Producer