I enjoy the steeplechase on set.

A natural collaborator, I act as a liaison between visual effects and production, building strong client relationships, communicating VFX recommendations, and negotiating divergent strategies in support of creative collaboration.



I am a dual citizen of the US & Canada, based in Vancouver, BC.

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Over the past 20+ years, I’ve acquired extensive experience providing script breakdowns, storyboard sequences, and methodology proposals for episodic series, commercials, features, ride films, and virtual production.

I believe it’s important to build relationships on trust. Equally important is getting in sync with directors, clients, and producers in pursuit of the vision set for the project. To get there, I lend my experience and expertise in plate photography, blue/green screen, hybrid cg creature/ live-action integration, and floor effects.

My recent experience in large-scale virtual production on the Netflix series AVATAR: The Last Airbender, involved myriad combinations of in-camera effects, combining LED wall backgrounds, blue/ green screens, practical atmospherics, floor effects, and motion-base creature bucks. In support of the 10-month shoot, my team developed and initiated an on-set data pipeline, created storyboards, implemented hybrid digital/practical floor effects methodology, and streamlined inter-departmental communications in support of daily visual effects requirements.

To facilitate digital asset generation, I maintain strong working relationships with several top-tier lidar and cyber-scanning vendors across North America.

I recruit, develop, and deploy skilled data-wrangling ninjas to acquire camera and lens data, HDRIs, texture and reference photography, set surveys, and photogrammetry.

I am a hands-on, proactive vfx supervisor, lending competent support:

  • Tech scouts, location scouting set surveys
  • Animation design and direction from storyboards to post
  • CG creature and character & live-action hybrid integration
  • Vehicle array planning & setup for background plates
  • motion control sequence planning and direction
  • HDRI capture and processing, camera data acquisition
  • Texture & reference photography, and photogrammetry
  • Chrome, gray ball & color charts, and character proxies

Marc is such a great craftsman and storyteller. Fantastic attitude, great ideas, works extremely well with clients, very strong problem-solving skills across the board. A great guy to be around and to work with. My only warning; be prepared to laugh. “

– Russ Dube, Executive Producer / Sr. VFX Producer

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