Kurt Vonnegut, We Miss You.

Kurt Vonnegut– the man was brilliant, and I do miss him. Who  doesn’t?

In that, here’s a gem exhumed from the archives; Vonnegut being his brilliant, hilarious self doing what he did really well– telling stories. Only here, he breaks down the elusive concepts at the core of some of the most popular stories of all time, as only Vonnegut could– by showing us how he graph’s a story. Apparently, Kurt’s method is simple enough that even computers should be able to handle it… and yet, HOODWINKED TOO!  still got made.   But, I digress. More after the jump–

One of my fav moments in the video is Mr. Vonnegut’s droll charting of “the most popular story in our civilization”, the one we love to hear, as “every time it’s retold somebody makes another million dollars.”

Yeah, THAT story.   Take a break and have a look– you’ll be a better storyteller for it.

You’ve heard it? Hilarious.

Share and share alike–  we all could use more Vonnegut in our day, dont’cha think?   -M

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