TED Talks Back from the Future… and, it’s a little scary.

Director Ridley Scott teamed up with TED head Tom Reilly and screenwriter Damon Lindelof to share with the rest of us a TEDTalk like we’ve not yet seen… from the future.

Pretty cool stuff. Not only is Peter Weyland’s speech utterly fantastic (Weyland being CEO of Weyland Industries, played by none other than Guy Pearce), but the concept behind the video is arguably sheer brilliance; Weyland’s TEDTalk video is part of Scott’s marketing push for his upcoming epic, PROMETHEUS.

Breaking new ground, the trio found a cool place to pitch some neat ideas around, and stir up interest ( and some controversy) surrounding the film. What better away to hone an audience’s interest to a fine, heated point? Hollywood may do well to have a look at Scott’s new model– as Joe Marine writes over at No Film School.com 

On writing, writer Damon Lindelof parley’s with TED in a Q&A on the TED Blog, so have a wander over here to catch that in full. In the meanwhile, have a gander at Ridley’s Scott’s PROMETHEUS trailer, below.

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