Tweak your Transmedia; 5 Tips to Tilt It Your Way

Transmedia Guy in The Know, Robert Pratten has popped a perk into the laps of anyone looking to carpe diem, transmedia style.
His lagniappe is truly a benefit to all of us lacking buckets of cash and material resources, but rich in ideas and ambition. We got projects to fire up and move forward!  So, what’s he got for us?
Here we go, after the jump-
Robert Prattens’ 5 Transmedia Pointers

Do the Voodoo You Do Best. 

Make what you already do best be the centrepiece, or foundation, of your transmedia project.

Premise is the Core of your Story, don’tcha know.

At the heart of any story is a premise —it’s the core idea to be conveyed; a point of view that the writer believes to be true;  it’s what your story is about.

If your story is to be coherent across multiple platforms then it’s important that each supports the same premise. When the audience is asked to do something, their actions should illustrate to them or ask them to question that premise.

Start where you are;  Build up to Where You Want to Be.

Each platform is a window into your story. Start with one or two windows rather than build a greenhouse.

Create something that opens a window on your world via a free medium—like social media.

Guide your audience; Encourage & Enable so They Participate.

A key strength of transmedia storytelling is the greater opportunity for your work to be discovered. This discovery comes not from using hundreds of platforms but from the conversations you enable and encourage through audience participation.

Consequently, one of the first considerations is how your story will play out as an experience. What will the audience/ the reader/ the viewer be asked to do? And how will their actions create conversation and social recommendations?

Be Different;  Think Outside the Box

Think how you might differentiate yourself—what you can offer your audience/readers/fans/sponsors that the bigger players seldom do:

time (patience is a virtue—nurture relationships)
authenticity (you are the real deal, you mean what you say)
credibility (you provide them with credibility—let them share that)
proximity (closer and deeper relationships)

For the Full Monty, swing by Robert Pratten’s place and have a look– there’s more to the above. He’s a guru to follow while travelling the path to Transmedia Project Creation. Great stuff to be had.

– M

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