New LOOPERS Trailer- Interactivity & Gamification brings the Fun

The new LOOPER Interactive trailer will send your for a loop.   Literally.

In addition to the proposed & highly anticipated coolness that both Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt bring to the mix (atop an already wild premise for the film), Sony has released this uber-neat LOOPER Interactive Trailer as a major league tease to promo the film.

The trailer is the older version previously released, only charged with some of the new interactive elements that appear in-play. The interactive elements are timed to coincide with the trailer’s timeline (in the player, not the film– egad, don’t get started with that now). The result is a deeper look into the rabbit hole, with interviews, behind the scenes footage, making-of production pics, etc. There’s even a few of the props used in the film with interactive rotational look-windows, giving some insight into what the stuff looks like (albeit in 3D renders, not photo’s). But wait- there’s more!

There’s also a gamified element to the trailer, yehey! Goes like this: answer questions, win some silver bars, and win enough…you get access to exclusive content! Easy, but fun. Take what you learned from here (exclusive content) and bring it with you to the official LOOPER site– and have at it. What you learn, you’ll need there (no spoilers here)!

Neat stuff– and a potentially winning model for folks looking to promo their own stuff. In that, have a look at the Unity 3d Engine for developing your own games! Yea, it’s ambitious and far beyond YouTube pop-up windows for interactivity… but well worth it in the long run. Unity 3d offers a free demo version of their game creation engine to try your hand in creating a game to add to your quiver of cool stuff. Hell, why not?  Here’s the Unity 3d website link.  Go get it. Better yet, go get it  and hand it over to a a programmer-type buddy to  help you whip up a little game to promote your own projects.

LOOPER has an amazing website, too.

If this has your interest piqued, jump over to the LOOPER web site and join the fray– there’s an interactive game going on!  Yeah it’s crazy, and you may need a Facebook account to get in on the fun. Worth a look, over here.  For a few fun gun games to mess with Looper-style, check these out. While you’re on the LOOPER page, jump into the Official Site. Nice graphical interplay with mouse and keyboard action. Of particular interest is the interaction design– as you roll around with your mouse and/ or keyboard, the site slides about, revealing layer after layer of images, synopsis, production stills, and movie clips. A nice touch, reflecting the rest of the materials online. Check out the LOOPER Interactive Trailer — let me know what you think!   LOOPER opens September 28.  Cheers, M

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