Crowdfunding 101

Crowdfunding – What the heck & How?

Seems everybody in the world is talking about crowd funding, attempting to start a campaign, in the middle of one, or ( in the cases of the very fortunate), are swimming in the windfalls of cash from their crowd-funding efforts. That’s a good thing. Hey, I’ve got some projects that could certainly use some funds to get fired up, so I’m all ears when it comes to non-governmental monies for my movies. Let’s look into this a little, shall we?

Crowd funding 101: Other people can do it, why not You?

It’s a hellacious amount of effort to crowd source funding for your project, be it a film, a game, a book, etc, etc. That said, crowd funding has helped many folks (musician Amanda Palmer being one of them) in finding some serious cash flow to augment, and sometimes entirely support, their creative efforts. It’s possible, but where does one start?

Launching a successful campaign means taking time to get all the parts assembled properly from the beginning.

Like prepping a film shoot, a pile of pre-planning will save you much grief and hardship when it comes to crowd-funding. In an effort to get some perspective on the process, Scott Steinberg & Co. drummed up a handy guide to enthusiastically edify those who want to get their project(s) funded, from gases to gold. Click to the right and get your copy  of Steinberg’s Crowd Funding Bible – a Must Read if you’re interested in setting up a campaign to get your film (or creative endeavour) funded by folks other than your family & friends (but not to exclude them, of course), crowd source style.

The Crowd Funding Bible is also Free as can be, so get over there and grab yourself a copy. Like right now, eh?

Sure there’s lots of stuff all over the interwebs spilling on about the process, etc (great place to start is Kickstarter School), and adding to the Crowd Funding Bible, is an albeit shorter (but still handy) 8-page report on crowdfunding from Down Under :  How to Work The Crowd: a snapshot to barriers and motivations to crowdfunding, a sort of  ‘crowd funding 101’ from our Australian friends. Between the two resources above, there’s a weekend worth of reading on firing up your film with some crowd sourced funding. Have a look, and let me know what you think!

Cheers, M.

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