Color & Story


The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, 2009
Cinematography: Nicola Pecorini

I stumbled onto the coolest blog a little while back; graphic artist Roxy Radulescu has been dechipering the essential color palettes of films.

The result is an amazing reference tool for visual folks, as color is so very important to telling stories. Roxy’s blog, Movies in Color, has become a go- to spot as I work out conceptual stuff in some projects. I love the stuff she’s been doing over there, and as visual storytellers, I think you may too. Here’s a bit on how she gets things going:

The Process
“Research is first. I search for stills that are compositionally interesting as well as rich in color. I use the help of a color generator to get a very basic range of swatches. Then I piece together the general palette from that and other colors I think are prominent or worth including from the still. It’s all done in Photoshop to keep layout and swatch sizes consistent and to facilitate color sampling from the image.
– Roxy Radulescu (RoxyMakesThings)

Swing by Roxy’s portfolio site  You’ll be inspired to do something cool yourself.

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