Moby Gratis: Free Music for Your Film

Moby is just awesome.

I loved the guy before, and over the years I’ve grown to love him even more. Reason is, he’s a generous soul, and a brilliant music maker to boot. Of course it would be just such a guy as Moby to pull off one of the coolest things to happen to indie filmmakers in the last few years; Moby

It’s been like a closely held secret for a long while, but things are busting loose. Here’s the hype:

Yes, THAT MobyIf you’re a non-profit filmmaker (working in the non-commercial end of the film pool), and you haven’t got the good fortune of having a composer on board, Moby Gratis is one hot spot to head off to right now. Moby’s planted over 150 pieces of music on his site, for free use (free for non-commercial use, mind you). Lots of great stuff; this is no dumpster full of noise, oh no– this is the stuff culled from albums, unreleased work, etc, etc. Literally, a full on library of professionally produced brilliance for you to use. How’s that for cool?

Two things:

First, you have to apply online for permission for the music you’re keen to use – which will take 24 hours, and as Moby says,”they haven’t said no to anyone yet”. Of course, if you’re planning to sell your film project to a distributor with a full-on Moby produced soundtrack; you’ll need to read the next part–

Second, Films made for commercial purpose will have to pay for the music use in the traditional manner (licensing the rights). If you’re selling your film with his music, Moby gets a license fee, fair and square. All proceeds from the licensing goes to the Humane Society. Moby is a generous guy.

Head on over to and peruse the tunes.

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