Scorsese Spotlight Shines on Orson Welles.

For me, there isn’t much better than listening to a fantastically gifted film director, nay, a visionary film director of high regard talking about other fantastically gifted film director’s work. That’s some great stuff.

Who better to lay a bunch of this sort of awesome on us than Mr. Martin Scorsese himself. In cahoots with Fast CompanyMr. Scorsese shares his reflections on six directors; marvelous masters of the craft ( If Director Martin Scorsese thinks these guys are  amazing, I’m listening ).

In his piece with Fast, Scorsese got to choose a handful of his fav filmmakers to talk about; six filmmakers whose “bold risks changed cinema.” Here below is his first sit down, waxing poetic on Mr. Orson Welles, Citizen Kane and War of the Worlds. Brilliant stuff.
“This was a force of nature that came in, a creation that wiped the slate clean from the type of films that preceded him. There was never any gray with him. He told Kane cinematographer Gregg Toland, ‘Let’s do everything they told us never to do.’ The low angles and deep focal-length lenses, the structure of the story, the flashbacks, the overlapping images–no one had ever seen anything like it.” 
Swing by the article and check out Scorsese’s Picks at Fast Company – wonderful mini- interviews  the master himself.  Film school in miniature for everyone.
Who’d be on your Director’s Picks List?
Fill me in, and drop a note in the box below.  Thanks for reading-
Cheers, M

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