It’s Big, it’s FREE, It’s SuperMag!

The Final Cut Pro User Group Network has just released their latest edition of SuperMag … for FREE, no less!

This baby is Herculean-style Huge. It’s currently available as an eye-popping 315 pg eBook/PDF (!) topping out at just under 50 MBs of heavy-duty, industrial strength FCP goodness. But wait, there’s more! This thing is ready to drop onto your shiny new iPad via GoodReader! Wow.. Now ain’t this just something? I think my weekend just got made, and that without seeing IRON MAN 2 yet.  Coolness prevails.

For the all skinny on the fun to be had inside, head on over to the halcyon SuperMag homepage for a list of all the articles… there you’ll find production, post-production, even stereoscopic 3D stuff. Behold, it’s not only for FCP fans, either – Adobe & Avid connoisseurs have stuff to oggle, too. Here’s a teaser of what’s waiting for you in SuperMag;

  • Canon EOS DSLR Workflow: Solutions When Shooting Video w/ Canon DSLRS (by DSLR Video Guru Philip Bloom!)
  • Editing A Canon 5D Mark II Multi-Camera Concert Shoot
  • The Mundane & Magic Future of Metadata
  • Shooting Stereoscopic 3D:  A Beginners Guide
  • Making Video Look More Like Film
  • RED 4K Export Workflow for DVD, YouTube & Vimeo
  • Seven Steps to an Efficient NLE Workflow
  • Self- Distributing Your Movie

Get over there, get a copy and get informed. I’ll bet it’ll be the best mag investment you’ll make all weekend.



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