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Animation Director / Episodic Series Director

CG / Stop Motion / Claymation / Live Action      ( click here for PDF

Innovative, inspired and highly experienced CG/ stop motion episodic series director adept with teams from 3 to 150.  I lead teams in spinning great ideas into great animation, with a healthy respect and deep knowledge of episodic series production developed over years of experiences on projects large and small.  I’m an enthusiastic collaborator, encouraging mentor, and ‘character’ coach. I enjoy inspiring & supporting animation teams in bringing their best, every day. Calm in a storm, flexible and a creative problem solver, I foster a fun, optimistic environment thru the challenges idiosyncratic to series animation endeavors.

“ Marc is one of those rare people who can take an idea and improve it, without losing sight of the producer’s vision. Perhaps equally important, Marc is equally confident outside the world of animation and works closely with live-action producers, directors and talent. I believe this is a rare quality among animation professionals, demonstrating his ability to work with a team while also demonstrating his ability to head up an animation studio. I cannot recommend Marc highly enough.”

–  Rick Siggelkow, Exec. Producer/ BBC Worldwide & series creator; CG/ Live action series Dinosapien, & Ace Lightning



  • Animation Director, CG/ Live action animation hybrid series ‘Dinosapien’ and ‘Ace Lightning’

 ___( 26 episodes with exec producer Rick Siggelkow, BBC/ Discovery )

  • Animation Director, award-winning series stop motion series ‘Celebrity Deathmatch’

 __( 52 x 22 minute episodes with MTV Animation, NYC )

  • Episodic Director / Creative Producer CBC stop motion series, ‘What It’s Like Being Alone’

  —( 13 episodes with Exec Producer Fred Fuchs and show creator Brad Peyton )

  • Animation Director/ Animator on numerous broadcast commercial campaigns for Budweiser, Wendy’s, MTV, etc.

—-( 15 years in animated commercial production, music videos, channel/ broadcaster ident’s, etc).



On Set Animation/ VFX Supervisor, Bardel Entertainment, Fairly Odd parents Feature Film

Balanced live action & post production & animation concerns fluidly between 1st AD, Director, Executive Producer and camera crews.

  • Supervised HDRI data acquisition to aid with CG character/ live action plate integration.
  • Partnered with camera crews, First Assistant Director and Director in achieving consistent composition and performance to align with animation needs & expectations.

Animation Director, Yowza Digital, 15 x 22 min. episodes

Directed CGI animation/ live action (2nd unit) on 13 episodes of Emmy–nominated series  ‘Dinosapien’ for BBC/ Discovery. Ensured character performances supported key story points, guided visual effects and lighting teams thru seamless CG/ live action integration, directed 2nd unit.

  • Cognizant of individual artist’s capabilities, I assigned shots/ sequences & characters to maximize artist capabilities with production needs & schedules.
  • Established strong inter-departmental relationships with live action camera crew, production design, props, special effects, Assistant Director and Director of Photography.

Episode Director & Series Creative Producer, The Orphanage II, 13 x 22 min. episodes

Initially hired as Animation Director to invigorate animation workflow in a malfunctioning studio, quickly assumed Creative Producer & Episodic Director responsibilities. Supervised 45+ artists crew in a 100% turn-around in productivity, workflow, morale and post-production efficiency.

  • Revamped studio infrastructure efficiency, reducing costs, increasing productivity, consistently meeting delivery deadlines.
  • Supervised storyboards, casting, voice record sessions, editorial / sound design / and visual effects/ compositing.

“Marc started with us as animation director, but was soon directing episodes, producing and making huge contributions to the scripts. Marc is that rare combination of a true artist who also has organizational skills to manage projects as well.”   

– Fred Fuchs, Former Executive Director, Arts & Entertainment, CBC

Animation Director, Anonymous Rex series pilot, Switch VFX

Directed & animated stop motion sequences for Fox / Sci Fi Channel pilot, Anonymous Rex. Facilitated integration of stop motion animation into CG/ Live action/ vfx elements using a bespoke digital pipeline.

  • Supervised all stop motion animation concerns; sets, lighting and camera system. Hired staff, artists, sub-contractors.
  • Partnered with VFX team to match stop motion footage with live action plates.
  • Initially contracted for one week of animation, extended four months (at behest of writer/ director) to further explore animation possibilities for the series.

Animation Director, Ace Lightning, Calibre Digital, 13 x 22 min.

Hit the ground running on this CG/ Live action kids series, spinning concepts into pitches for series creator & broadcasters. Directed CG animation and supervised plate and HDRI data acquisition.

  • Partnered with episode live action directors to create dynamic, story-driven  CG animation/ live action sequences.
  • Streamlined CG animation procedures to seamlessly integrate CG characters into live action background plates efficiently, reducing process time 40% from previous season.

“Marc has a rare mix of technical expertise and endless creativity. He encourages the best work from his team, raises the bar for craftsmanship as a director and is an excellent collaborator.”  

 – Steve Jaworski, Visual Effects Supervisor, MTV Animation

Animation Director, Pitch Inc., various commercials, studio shorts and pilots

Directed and animated short serial series, pilots for broadcast series. Developed promotional shorts in-studio as an effective means to quickly develop promising animation talent in fast-paced production environment.

  • Dramatically improved inter-departmental workflow from pre-visualization to post production.
  • Mentored new animation artists in producing work for high–level commercials & series.

Animation Director, Celebrity Deathmatch, MTV Animation/ NYC, 52 x 22 min. episodes

Joined a struggling production challenged with a 5 week stop-motion animation schedule. Supervised all animation concerns from script to delivery, directing 26 animators on 22 sets.

  • Generated Series Production Bible for animators unfamiliar with stop motion series idiosyncracies.
  • Mentored animators thru high-pressure production process and principles; shot breakdowns to timing, character motion, efficient work practices, time management.

“Marc really knows character animation thoroughly, and he’s great at conveying what he needs to animators. He has a great ability to balance being a boss and a friend at the same time.”   

Bob Deaver, Animator / Animation Instructor, RIT

Director, 2nd Unit & Special Effects Supervisor, HBO pilot, Culture Shock

Led a creative team in developing hot of animatronic characters, design thru construction, for this HBO/ BBC pilot. CG animation, animatronic puppets and visual effects converged with 22 minutes of kid’s antics as our crack team ran the gamut of what’s possible on a low budget and a tight deadline.

Animation Director/ Supervising Animator, Broadcast Arts/ Curious Pictures, NYC

Walked in for a lunchtime tour, got home 7 years later. 
Meanwhile, I maintained a birds-eye view on animation production for numerous commercial campaigns as animation director / supervising animator.

Special Effects Supervisor, Stephen King’s Langoliers MOW, Aoki Filmworks, NYC

Partnered with R/Greenberg & Associates, I led our team in diligently deciphering the integration of CG animation, miniatures and live action in the early days of 3D CG for television broadcast.



“Marc is such a great craftsman and storyteller. Fantastic attitude, great ideas, works extremely well with creative directors and clients. Very strong problem solving skills across the board. Great guy to be around and to work with. I strongly recommend Marc.”

– Russ Dube, Exec. Producer, Pitch, Inc.

“Marc is smart, funny and full of enthusiasm for the projects he works on. He has excellent comedic and dramatic timing and as a director, communicates effectively and is able to inspire the people he works with.”

– Edward Kay, Writer/ Show Runner/ Producer, What it’s Like Being Alone, Jimmy Two Shoes

“Marc really knows character animation thoroughly and he’s great at conveying what he needs to animators. He has a great ability to balance being a boss and a friend at the same time.

– Bob Deaver, Animator/ Instructor, Laika / RIT

“Marc is a creative and original storyteller with a keen appreciation for the intricacies of animation. Our schedule and budget at MTV Animation demanded innovation and precision on a daily basis, both of which Marc displayed with ease, along with his contagious sense of humor.”

– Mike Cavallaro, storyboard artist, MTV Animation

“I’ve composed music for several projects that Marc has directed and/or written. He’s an inspired and exceptional creative director who has a strong sense of vision for all of his projects. He’s a great collaborator, having been very supportive of any ideas that I might have offered beyond his original vision. Marc’s great sense of humour and easy-going demeanour make working him a pleasure and I would collaborate with Marc again without hesitation.”

– Steve London, Composer

“Marc is really great to work with! I have many excellent memories working together on various crazy projects, some of which I probably couldn’t have handled without his talents and input. He is highly passionate and dedicated about his work and I can confidently say you can expect only the best out of him. Marc also has the rare ability to keep me laughing hysterically, even through some of the most unpredictable situations.”

– Sean Burns, Director / Animation Supervisor, Will Vinton Studios/ Laika