Marc has a rare mix of technical expertise and endless creativity. Whether breaking down storyboards or planning animation blocking on set, Marc would always find solutions to our technical snags in a collaborative, efficient way. He encourages the best work from his team members and raises the bar for craftsmanship on whatever show he’s on.

– Steve Jaworski, Compositing Supervisor at Sony Computer Entertainment

Marc is such a great craftsman and storyteller. We have a few Superbowl spots under our belt and great stories that go along with that experience. Fantastic attitude, great ideas, works extremely well with creative directors and clients. Very strong problem-solving skills across the board. Great guy to be around and to work with. My only warning, be prepared to laugh.

– Russ Dubé, VFX Producer / Senior Manager

Marc is an inspired and exceptional creative director who has a strong sense of vision for all of his projects. He’s a great collaborator, having been very supportive of any ideas that I might have offered beyond his original vision. Marc’s great sense of humor and easy-going demeanor makes working with him a pleasure and I would collaborate with Marc again without hesitation.

– Steve London, Film, Television, and Video Game Composer

I enjoyed every second (and every frame) of the projects that we did together. Marc’s skill at bringing characters to life is impressive. His talent makes him a great leader and collaborator. His personality and sense of humor make him a great friend.

– Spencer Cooke, Animation Director / DNEG

Marc is really great to work with! I have many excellent memories of working together on various crazy projects, some of which I probably couldn’t have handled without his talents and input. He is highly passionate and dedicated to his work and I can confidently say you can expect only the best from him. Marc also has the rare ability to keep me laughing hysterically, even through some of the most unpredictable situations.

– Sean Burns, Director

Marc is a creative and original storyteller with a keen appreciation for the intricacies of animation. Our schedule and budget at MTV Animation demanded innovation and precision on a daily basis, both of which Marc displayed with ease, along with his contagious sense of humor.

– Mike Cavallaro, Layout & Prop Design Artist, Warner Bros Animation

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