The Pit and the Pendulum

A dream come true- working with animation and VFX pioneer Ray Harryhausen & former Zoetrope Studio Executive Fred Fuchs. I pitched the premise to Ray, he jumped on, Fred Fuchs came aboard, and off we went. This was the first stop motion animated short film produced with DSLR technology (and Mac Mini computers) in Toronto. (We later used this system for the CBC stop motion series, What It’s Like Being Alone).

See The Pit and the Pendulum short film in it’s entirety here.   

The Pit and the the Pendulum was produced with a Bravo!FACT grant supported by Bravo! NewStyleArtsChannel, a division of CHUM Limited and with the support of NFB Filmmaker Assistance Program (Animation Studio).  

Executive Producers: Ray Harryhausen & Fred Fuchs

Producer: Susan Ma

Director / Production Design: Marc Lougee

Writer: Matthew Taylor

Composer: Philip Stanger

Sound Design: Urban Post Production

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