WIFARER Explainer Video


With a new website and brand re-launch in development, WIFARER opted for an animated explainer video to simply explain their Indoor Navigational Positioning app.

The WIFARER video above was one of the last flourishes added to complete the launch of their new website, highlighting WIFARER’s fantastic application for navigating expansive indoor environments with GPS capabilities… only using existing WiFi signals within the venue. Think gigantic underground parking lots; shopping malls, museums, stadiums, airports and hospitals to name a few examples. Getting around will be a whole lot easier with this app in hand (uploaded on your mobile device).

* Interested in a shiny new explainer video? We’ll explain your great idea, simply. Get in touch!

Producer / Director / Editor: Marc Lougee

Design and Animation: Bill Tedford & Heej Jun Yun

Script: Edward Kay

Narration: Pete Cugno

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