Production Sound Mini-Masterclass

Boom In the Surf

(source: Bafta Guru)

Simon Hayes, Production Sound Mixer, shares 15 minutes of his day to share some keen insights into his job, and his team, as they record audio for feature film production on -set. The result of his chat is a great primer for anyone keen to grab pro-quality audio for thier own films (or your next pro gig).

Simon goes in depth on boom operator specifics (the how’s and why’s), capturing clean, high- quality dialogue, and capturing pro audio for working with later in post production. Boom Op’s are key players– and I super appreciate Simon’s take on clarifying just how important having a great boom operator with you is for capturing clean dialogue. Take a look:

Mr. Hayes spills on his experience recording sound for the 2012 film version of Les Miserables– very cool insight from behind the scenes. One great take away is the importance of having a great team with whom to work; spending your time wisely in assembling the best folks you can find to work with you on-the-day. Get your team right, and you’re well on your way to getting the sound you want– seems obvious, but so often, audio gets blown as secondary thought to the visuals. Do your sound team up right, and you’ll have awesome stuff to work with in the edit!

Have a look / listen, and learn something from a master.

Cheers!  -M

Simon Hayes_Sound Van

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