Batch Rename DSLR footage w Adobe Bridge

Adobe Bridge

(source: Richard Keating,

I’ve been shooting a bunch of mini-docs the last year, all with my handy DSLR set up or with my buddy DOP Jan Pester’s, (when he’s not shooting around the globe). Aside from all the gushing I could do on why the DSLR is a game changer in oh-so-many-ways for Yours Truly, I thought I’d share a Golden Nugget of Awesomeness that’s become a veritable must have in my humble-but-handy post production process using Premiere Pro on my Macbook Pro.

Behold, The Bridge!

That’s Adobe Bridge, for most of us not at my desk currently. Absolutely balls-on a great addition to the toolbox that’s part of the magical creative juggernaut that is Adobe CS6. Here’s why it’s magical;

courtesy of

courtesy of

You’ve shot  bunch of stuff, and it’s scattered over several cards from your camera’s. That’s fine, until you ingest all those fine shots into your system, and you realize; a number of those shots have the same file name, despite coming from different cards. Damn. Reason being, essentially, the cameras don’t sequentially number files across multiple cards. Ouch.

This is where my newest BFF comes to the rescue, sporting the ever-amazing Batch Rename Function. I love this. I use it a lot. You should too. Here’s the full on article with the step by step to finding Adobe Bridge Nirvana (or at least sorting out your file naming woes) in the short term– my friends  (and soon to be yours) at Screenlight have done a great job of sorting out the details, making it plain as day for everyone to follow along. Have a look, over here.

Swing on over to Screenlight’s blog, get some knowledge and change your own life with DSLR file-handling Know How. Worth the cost of admission, which is absolutely free (to read).


– M

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