Filmmaking: Insight from the front

Flying Scot

“There is never enough time.”

“The schedules are insanely tough, harder and harder to do; and it’s a run, an absolute marathon run on any job you do and you’re always trying to do your best. You always feel, at the end of the day,  I could have done better. I wish I’d had a little more time to finesse things.

But, the producers and director gave the camera team enough, as much time as they could to do this difficult work because it is time consuming the way we’re filming this than the way you might film a standard drama but you also have to, you know, we can’t hog it all. You have to give the floor to the actors because without them, without the storytelling, you haven’t got anything so there’s not point wasting time on one fancy shot if you’ve missed the scene. So everyone has their part to play and everyone needs their time.”

Gaving Finney, Cinematographer

(source: BAFTA Podcast #10)

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