After Effects 101; 39 basics tutorials — Free!

I have a soft spot for folks who have the inclination and passion, to share what they know and learn with as many folks as possible… for free.

No money exchanging hands, not birthday cards, no flowers. Just sharing ’cause it’s what they do.

Bucky Roberts is one of those guys. A regular guy sharing what he knows with whomever cares to watch,  listen & learn. Bucky’s been studying After Effects, Photoshop, etc for a while, and decided somewhere along his trajectory of software know-how to share all he’s got with the rest of us. This video is just one of a pile covering the very basics of After Effects, it’s core tools, processes, etc. Basic is the key word here, as he starts literally from the beginning; aiming squarely at folks just opening the magical Pandora’s Box that is Adobe After Effects. Check this vid-

(Link courtesy of Filmmaker IQ, another awesome place to get get learn-ed).

Looking for the whole enchilada? Head right this way, pilgrim– there’s alot more where this came from at Bucky and his buds run a wide gamut in what all they supply– for free, of course– by way of learning new skillz; computer programming, web design, Adobe stuff (AE, Photoshop, Flash, Premiere Pro, Dreamweaver), algebra, math, chemistry(!), even how to make beer or build a computer to run all this awesome stuff. (With legal licenses, of course, as needed).

Swing by his site at, and have a look around!  FYI- Bucky’s in Raleigh, NC., not Boston. Word.

– M

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