Hand Made Heroes: Yadu 621

‘Life is a Happening, Carry On’


Yadu 621 is the first of three films I directed and produced as part of a multiple short film series titled Hand Made Heroes. The series is a personal ‘passion project’, inspired by interesting people I’ve met over the last two years, all of whom are  converging art, design, outside-the-box creativity and self-sustaining commerce while using recycled materials, minimal impact practices in both the aesthetic and practical.

The trio of short films introduce three team members of the talented YADU 621 staff working under the tutelage of Edwin ‘Yadu’ Saulo, Founder / President of YADU 621 in Manila, Philippines. From their studio outside Manila, YADU 621 supplies the world with hand-made bespoke designer bags, each produced using mostly recycled clothing and materials, one at a time. My intention is to highlight some of the people behind the successful studio, converging art and commerce while impacting business, fashion and lifestyle industries in manila and around the world.

Gio, YADU 621


Elaine, Yadu 621


YADU 621 is on line at http://www.facebook.com/YaduBags

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