Ready, Set, BAG! A Film Promotion Primer

Ok, these guys did not put me up to this, nor do they even know me. True.

RSBposterI ran aground watching this little nugget of Epipheo Video Know How, and (of course) thought of the millions, nay kabilliions of upstanding global citizens dropping by this blog daily ( I thank you all, from the bottom of my heart). That said, I wanted to let you all in on a little secret: it’s a film called “Ready, Set, Bag!“. One of the coolest things about the film, isn’t the film. Did I mention the fine folks at Epipheo slugged this one out of the park? See their stuff; slack-jawed awe shall ensue.

Ready, Set, Bag! is Very Cool indeed; but how the film’s promoted is sheer brilliance. Not rocket science, mind you, but sheer practical wonderfulness in how Epipheo and the filmmakers leveraged Social Media for the good of their film, and in doing that, for the good of a great deal of less fortunate folks around the US of A.

Watch, learn, and be inspired. It’s 2 minutes of your life you won’t be sorry for spending, I promise… and check out the film!


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