Guillermo Del Toro’s Man-Cave of Inspiration

(from Criterion)
As part of a special feature on Criterion’s Blu-ray and DVD editions of his film Cronos, director Guillermo del Toro leads a tour of his home offices, which he fondly dubs “Bleak House.” How cool is that? Wicked Cool.
Del Toro explains that the offices were created as a “compression chamber” so that he and his co-workers and collaborators could be “stimulated not just by what is called high art or fine art but by even the powerful images that come from toys or pop art or vivid imaginations.”
Bleak House- inspired“Everything in the house, for me, has equal importance, whether it’s a rubber toy or an anatomical model. Whatever it is, it’s here to try to provoke a shock to the system, circulating the lifeblood of imagination, which I think is curiosity.”
Here’s another great interview– Guillermo Talks about his process, his films with the BBC. Amazing insights & inspiration. Lucid dreaming. Who else do you know of who’s made friends (with monsters) during their ‘lucid dreams’? Enjoy.   – M

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