1 DSLR, $4700 bucks & 7 days.

Looking for some filmmaking Inspiration? You won’t have to go far.

Get a load of this trailer for MUSGO.  Director Gami Orbegoso assembled a seriously bare-bones production crew, a Panasonic GH2 DSLR and four actors on location in the Catalan Pyrenees for 7 days. His budget: $4700 bucks.

A great interview followed up the trailer release over at the Art of the Story.com— jump on over and read thru– take a couple of minutes. Well worth the time to get some background into the beautiful, haunting look of the film. Gami talks of his equipment list, crew, casting, workflow and how he (and his committed cast & crew) pulled off getting his film in the can and ready to post following a seven day shoot.
What makes this amazing to me is the haunting imagery through the first five minutes I’ve seen, coupled with the fairly limited resources these folks were working with to make a feature length film. Truly inspirational in their approach, process, and visual style. The effort took a ton of ambition, commitment, and perseverance.
Have a look, read up on what all they got accomplished in a week, and maybe fire up something creative yourself this weekend.
** Just in from Gami: MUSGO is an Official Selection at SLAMDANCE 2013 !   Check it Here.   -M

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