Filmmaker Production Form’s– Free!

Get Your Ducks in a Row Before You GO

The fine folks at are (slowly) getting things together for their app online, which promises to be of huge help to filmmakers on a global scale. Meantime, they’ve generously supported your filmmaking efforts with free filmmaking forms. Who are these fine film folks at Filmsourcing HQ?

Read on, Pilgrim;  “Filmsourcing is a map-based online application, where anyone can list a filmmaking location, cast/crew member or other resource. It brings together filmmakers, businesses and property owners on an easy-to-use platform. The more resources we pool together, the more choice everyone has.” Sounds promising, yes?

There’s promise for more to come via the Filmsourcing app;

– Merge your resources into a unified production ( Handy for film projects of any scale)
– Helpful tools for budgeting and pitching  (always handy, and we can’t get enough of that know-how)
– A new funding and distribution model ( my curiosity is piqued, fer sure )

Along with More Stuff To Come, Filmsourcing HQ has loaded up a bunch of free stuff, of particular interest are the .PDF-format Production Documents!

Sure, there are a pile of places to get all manner, shape and flavour of film production doc’s for free– but why not have a look at these? SImple, easy, and self-explanatory, I think these are a cinch to use from the outset. Nicely designed, handy to have stashed on your laptop, mobile device, or in the Cloud for ready access– don’t leave home without ’em.   If you like what you see, send them to your friends!  These, like chocolate, are for sharing. Click on the linkage, below, to get yours now.

Free Film Production Forms for you!

Storyboard Template            Continuity Log Sheet           Location Scouting

Artwork Release                   Music Reference                Location Release

Talent Release                     Call Sheet                           Camera Shot List

Shoot these around the around the web, and be sure to visit Neat goings on over there.


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