Robert McKee’s STORY Masterclass, Visualized

Likely, you’ve heard of story maestro Robert McKee and his awesome 4 day story workshop with which he tours the world. The man behind the scriptwriting/ story creation tome STORY drops an enormous amount of know-how, insights and war stories over his 4 day seminars- and it’s alot of stuff to hold on to.

Enter, Sunni Brown.   Sunni runs a consultancy where she visualizes complex ideas into very cool, informative, and understandable visual means. A big part of Sunni’s work includes doodling; sketching, scribbling and drawing one’s notes as a way of improving retention of information flow. Turns out, Sunni’s an expert, and is here to help the rest of us doodle with relevance. I think Sunni is an amazing person, the sort of amazing that got her onstage with TED.  Wanna see Sunni’s TedTalk Video?

Her it is– Sunni’s TedTalk vid.  Sunni decided she needed to get up on the importance of story, narrative arc, etc and opted to drop in on Maestro McKee’s STORY seminar in London– and what she left with is a sheaf of visualized notes, which “helped her cement the information into her cortex”. Enter, the mighty doodle. Now if only my stuff would get to the level of her stuff, I’d be a happy (and well informed) camper, methinks. There is hope…

Some folks, like conceptual artist/ film director Matt Taylor, have an uncanny ability to alchemize ideas to illustration in mere minutes. What I attempt to with do verbiage, here (and often too much), folks like Sunni & Matt pull off on paper with so much  aplomb. This is a helluva lot of fun to watch, too; (check out Matt’s live sketch videos on YouTube). Neat stuff. Sunni’s got some great vids on her site, too.  Sunni also has workshops to help the rest of us visualize our thoughts, so we too can “cement information onto our cortex”, collectively.  Check out Sunni & co’s vids.

Adding to the coolness, Sunni’s dropped  17  pages of visualized STORY notes on her Flickr page for all to peruse. Fantastic!  Better than Cliff’s Notes, and with doodles– lots of them! Let me know what you think of her approach, would you?

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