Vincent LaForet’s Filmmaking Educational Page– Unveiled!

Who is Vincent LaForet ?

Likely, you’ve heard of Vincent LaForet if you’ve been plumbing the interwebs for filmmaking/ photography wisdom, as Vincent’s incredible depth of skill and knowledge is matched with his generosity online since 2006. He racks up somewhere in the ‘hood of 3 MILLION hits a year on his giant treasure trove of digital film & photography coolness– once you’ve stopped in for a look, you’ll see why.  100% brilliance awaits.

Vincent is a self-professed lover of film and photography gear. He’s got more gear than most mere mortals at his ready disposal, and the guy works with what he has. Alot. SO, all that fancy film/ photo gadgetry gets a workout, and Vincent let’s the world know how it goes, regularly. That, my friend, is where we benefit mightily.

I’m on a tangent. Pulling out of this flattery fish-tail, might I edify with The Reason I’m Spilling on About Vincent; He’s just whipped the blanket off his newly-minted Educational Page on his blog. There, yet more mind-numbing film/ photo Know-How awaits your perusal as Vincent’s gathered a bunch of his super-potent posts in one handy spot.

How cool is that? 

Tutorial & interviews abound, including behind the scenes footage of he and his crew at work, tons of gear reviews (of course), Gear Specs, production & post production workflow info, more videos, and on and on. This Crazy Car of Cool is happening at  Be there on Vincent LaForet’s Education Page, right? (Vincent has the best Behind The Scenes vids– do yourself a favour & check them out, already).

Check out MOBIUS, a short film Vincent and crew shot with Canon’s C300 (pre-release).  Get to Know Him!  – M

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