PARANORMAN Directors Interview

The fine film friendly folks at /Film have been so kind– and Generous, with a near constant fountain of film fun for me over the last few years. Not that I’m reminiscing, merely gushing in gratitude, bursting with joy to say the Magical Fountain of /Film Fanfare ain’t stopping anytime soon– least not today.

Proof in Point: this fine Interview with Laika’s Gruesome Twosome, the director tag-team leading the charge on Laika’s latest stop-motion creature feature, PARANORMAN!  How cool is that?  But wait, there’s more? Yes. Follow along, Pilgrim.

Check this PARANORMAN POSTER ART!  Awesome ensues.

I’m especially excited to catch the film tonite, screening in town so I’ll lay this out for all to see and enjoy, as I whip myself into a fan-frenzy and shuffle off to the cinema.*

This is a great interview with a Chris Butler and Sam Fell, both directors at LAIKA and two guys obviously passionate about story, pursuing a vision they fostered for the film, and their interest in using  stop motion animation to breathe life into project. Looks like the lightning-strike fired things up, and here we are.

Enjoy the excerpt below, and head over to the full interview with the directors of PARANORMAN at /— well worth the trip!

(Source: /

Director Sam Fell on why stop-motion animation over live action:

“…right from the start I wanted it to be a stop motion movie, because it just made perfect sense. If you’re going to make a zombie movie for kids, you know it has to be stop motion. So that was natural, but both of us wanted to do something, to really push the boundaries, because certainly working on CORALINE and seeing some of the innovations that the studio was coming up with was hugely exciting and it enabled us to take stop motion in a bigger, broader direction, to increase the scope and or ambition, which was really exciting and you know in a sense we approached this like all of the things that you shouldn’t do, we did them or tried to do them. (Laughs) That is especially exciting about the studio, it’s genuinely intent on pushing the boundaries and I think we pushed them as far as we possibly could on this.”

* (Saw the film: and Loved It. Great, Great stuff– in 3D no less– wonderful characters, story, and fun. So happy to see LAIKA post- Selick carrying the flag. In my humble opinion, this is a great push forward for stop motion, with focus on story and great characters. Paranorman = FUN.

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