“What Does a Producer Do?” Redux.

David Cormican is a film producer with heavy weight Canadian production company Minds Eye Entertainment. How he got there makes for an interesting read- and what’s he’s been up to since is impressive. As is the case for many folks working in film & TV, David followed the path of another career (acting) in the earlier stages of his professional trajectory, eventually finding himself working as a producer to facilitate his own creative endeavours. Luckily for us, he shares a bit on his sojourn into the biz and how he got where he is, producing and developing properties for Minds Eye Ent.

David shares some insight on his pitching process:

“When I first started, I went to every pitching event there was, and those are just a wash. But many of the people who I was pitching back then are now people who I consider my friends and colleagues. When you’re first pitching there’s no way anyone’s going to want to work with you if you have no track record. But if they like you and think you’re interesting, they might want to get to know you. Now when I pitch stuff, I make it more about the conversation rather than the desperation of the pitch. It’s all about your connections to talent—whether that’s a writer, a director, or an actor—so you really want to nurture that. ”

For David’s full interview, head over to thegridto.com.

Got some insight as to how you got into producing? Add a comment below!

Cheers, M

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