Film Producer Ted Hope Delivers!

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24 Tweets for Indie Filmmakers from Ted Hope.

Don’t know Ted Hope?  Get To Know Him. 

Ted Hope is a one-man-band in his ongoing persona as indie film spokesperson. The man is wonderfully open about sharing what he knows concerning the ins and outs of getting your film made. Koo of states well Ted’s modus operandi; ‘Ted’s goal is to make film accessible to everyone, and to help remove the shroud of secrecy that surrounds show business.”  That he does with regularity on his blog, Hope For Film.   Damn Right.

In the spirit of that, Ted has generously supplied a summary of points (24 in all, natch!) taken from a recent speaking engagement at the  Athena Film Festival. Ted, being the coolest guy in showbiz, also took the time to throw these up on his Twitter account for anyone to get hold of.   See? Great guy.  Join me on the other side, will you?

So here they are, Ted Hope’s 24 Twitter Tweets for Filmmakers:

  1. Set the agenda.
  2. Beware of their unexpressed agenda.
  3. Use passion to open doors.
  4. Find your community and activate.
  5. Create tools now for use later.
  6. Be honest in your communication.
  7. Walk on a tightrope with conviction.
  8. Be strategic.
  9. Don’t ask for permission.
  10. Embrace the fullest definition of cinema.
  11. Help people envision themselves as a force of change.
  12. Know the someone you make the movie for.
  13. Find a way or make one.
  14. Let the audience ripple wider.
  15. Create atmosphere of inevitability.
  16. Must have great intention.
  17. Be authentic to yourself.
  18. Be distinct in the marketplace.
  19. Make sure you have friends to support you emotionally.
  20. Look beyond the feature film form.
  21. Support each other.
  22. Do your research.
  23. Build a coalition.
  24. Establish your brand (what makes you unique).

Koo, aside from being an awesome  filmmaker/ blogger himself (check his Kickstarter pitch film- brilliant), has some particularly interesting things to say about Ted’s stuff. Here’s Koo, (from his blog);

” If you’re working in the creative fields, it’s always going to be difficult. You need to come up with a plan for how you’re going to execute, but no one should be telling you what you can or can’t do. It’s your story, stick to your guns and tell it however you think it should be told.”

“If you come up against obstacles… find a way to push through them. Filmmaking is a marathon, not a sprint. By being methodical and by working through each problem as it comes your way, you can overcome any of those roadblocks. I’ve had my share of issues while making films – cars being towed, actors getting sick, potential frostbite, car accidents, losing your only location – but by never getting down on myself, pushing through, and problem-solving, I’ve been able to complete all of those films.”

Thee’s much more of Koo’s insights on Ted’s insights, at Koo’s blog,  Go there, and get inspired, learn something, and share what you find.Lots happening over there. While you’re jumping around, have a look at Ted’s Excellent Blog as well– more inspiration and know how. Good places to start any day.

Got some great insights to add?    Send ’em over– and thanks.

Cheers, M.


Ted Hope @tedhope – Twitter

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  1. It’s a big deal for me to get this stuff in the hands of indie film folks– we need all the help we can get. Thanks for taking a moment to comment- means a lot! Cheers, M

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