3D TV Lowdown for the Layman: The Production Guide is Here!

You don’t have to go it alone with 3D TV.

3D Stereo television production just got a whole bunch easier to plan, from pre-production to delivery, thanks to the visionary folks at 3D TV channel 3net, along with production partners Discovery, IMAX and Sony. We all now have a comprehensive manual for working up a game plan for 3D television production! Of course, this being useful if you have an inkling to wander  on to that particular path of crazy…. But, Should you, this thing is key to have in pocket. Natch!

Let’s have  a look, shall we?

Firstly, this thing is 50 pages of serious stereoscopic know-how for everyone dipping their toes into 3D for TV. The guide outlines all of the facets involved in creating top-quality 3D content for television; pre-production & workflow planning, to production, post production, stereographic correction and the ever-important Final Delivery.

The 3D Stereoscopic Production Guide is  FREE, and worth every once in gold.

It’s available as a PDF for all to enjoy, garnering info from the combined 50 years of experience of a long list of folks who’ve contributed to the tome, including; Bert Collins, Josh Derby, Bruce Dorbin, Don Ecklund, Buzz Hays, Jim Houston, George Joblove and Spencer Stephens. Bert Collins and Josh Derby also served nobly as editors.

Another benefit of arming yourself with this heaping helping of 3D handiness- there’s been promised updates shall be had! The guide will be constantly updated and amended, as the fellows above track the dynamic trajectory of 3D TV production, adding relevant info as the process evolves. Fantastic!

Though the 3d Stereoscopic Television Production Guide was created for 3D Television Production in particular, most of the stereoscopic stuff found twixt its covers can be very useful for most stereoscopic projects, be ye an enthusiast or professional. I know, that last line usually sets eyeballs to rolling, but in this case I do seriously think this thing can help across the spectrum. Have a look and let me know what you think, below. Should you have other links for reliable resources on 3D stereo (as in manuals, guides, etc) feel free add a comment.


– M.

Download the 3D Stereoscopic Television Production Guide-

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