Get Rich in Television!

We’re on TV! … sort of…

OK, so we’re not REALLY on TV– unless you’re watching tube-like shows and whatnot on line.

THEN, we’re on TV. Ok.

Back to business: Canada’s has just premiered their official, online portal  to host a plethora of fun, exciting, and exceptionally cool short films produced under the Bravo! banner over the last few years. We made the cut, so we’re online again, eh?  Once more, we humbly present our animated offering to the judicious Gods of Animated Hilarity.

Get Rich In Television without Really Trying!  is indeed on the roster. So have a break, do yourself a favour and have fun courtesy of the wonderfully generous (and utterly tasteful) folks at– they’d love to have you all come by, watch some films and share in the sheer enormity of the human experience, via their collection of short films.  Laugh or cry, there’s something for everyone.

Moved to words? Drop a note below– and thanks for hanging in there.



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