Transmedia Storytellers- A Tool Kit for you!

via tmLA

Transmedia LA have been busy bee’s the last few months, and launching into 2012 we can collectively bask in the fruit of their labours- in a major league Transmedia way.

Here’s the scoop:

The Great Big Good tmLA has birthed has an easy -to-remember moniker; The Transmedia LA Wiki. Being a wiki, it’s collaborative (read: update-able by the community at large) — a current, cool place to glom onto useful tools, techniques and hard-won insights to help you ( and me) wend our way thru the labyrinth of Transmedia Project Creation.  How cool is that?

In the same vein of Christy Dena’s You Suck at Transmedia blog, the wiki serves to spread around what works/ doesn’t work for transmedia storytelling via an open dialogue ( this being a wiki ). Transmedia production in particular requires a specialized  brand of Know How, so open discussion/ dialogue covering the good/ not so good techniques will hopefully stymie much ‘re-invention of the wheel’ ( minimizing much hair pulling, teeth gnashing and face-palming ).   Sounds like a great plan to me!

Here’s what awaits on the other end of the Transmedia LA Wiki rainbow:

  • Game Resources: Includes a few basic game making resources.
  • Publishing Resources: Here you will find info on self-publishing, e-publishing interactive tools, and resources for digital print assets.
  • Social Media Resources: A bit self explanatory.
  • Technology Resources: Under this category you will find info on Live Communication tools, Learning how to Code, Mobile App Development, and Website Creation Services.
  • Transmedia Resources: Under this category you will find a basic toolkit to get started in a Transmedia project, more advanced production tools, and a list of audience tracking and measuring services.
  • Writing Resources: Here you will find resources, programs, and grant info for writers.

Neat Stuff in deed.  But wait! There’s more — jump on over to Transmedia LA’s site and have a look at more cool tools to shorten the distance between you and a completed Transmedia project.  Enough from me–  get yourself over to the link below-

The Transmedia LA Wiki:

Got to something to share or just wanna throw in your two cents? Drop a note in the box below-

– M

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