Timber Timbre & Je Regarde Do the VooDoo

Caught betwixt seasonal candy-fueled celebrations, I offer up a creepy case of animated existential confrontation, thru a child’s eyes…

Being a big fan of all things of AMC’s Breaking Bad, I got worked up (in a good way) when Canadian band Timber Timbre got some air time -musically speaking- during one of last season’s episodes. That in itself was neat to see/ hear, and of course when this video dropped, I once again launched myself into Timber Timbre- land to check out the view. I’m really happy I did, and hence, I share my find with you.

Do I Have Power?

I’m not talking about me here, but of the band’s release last summer; a musical stroll thru swampy blues strung with slim folksy homeliness. Perfect for an early evening float through a fav foggy bog. Pushing the song visually thru the moor is illustration and graphics guru/ video director Carlos de Carvhallo, a key player in French production company Je Regarde (seen their stuff)?

Doing the VooDo They Do So Well

Carlos and company managed to pull this creepy little gem out of their collective hats in a mere three months– which may get some of us inspired to launch a project and pronto! Neat to see this come together quickly and with such poetic eloquence. Good things can happen for those who can’t wait. Can’t wait to see the vid? Here you are, Timber Timbre’s ‘Do I Have Power’, ala Je Regarde:

Credits: Do I Have Power

Direction : Carlos de Carvhallo

Production manager : Aude Danset De Carvalho

Animation : Pierric Danjou, Thomas Lecourt and Charles Lemor

Technical direction : Guillaume Baratte

Production Company: Je Regarde

Timber Timbre.com

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