Peter Jackson’s Hobbit in 3D- How Cool is That?

Director Peter Jackson is going to make me a 3D believer, I just know it.

Of course I was flabbergasted with the sheer and utter brilliance of James Cameron’s AVATAR– and who wasn’t??  ( I hope I said that right- Jim, please let me know offline- thanks).  When 3D is done right/ well, it’s  something to behold. Of course story, concept, story, script, STORY and well, a thousand other picky little things all have to work in collusion to leave  audiences gaping at the screen in wide-eyed wonder– but what if the story kinda sucks? I mean in a sucking-chest-wound sort of way. You want more, but it Just Isn’t Happening.

Enter Mr. Peter Jackson. I may be seriously biased here, but from Jackson’s last few forays into filmic wonderment, I think he’s going to pull off The Hobbit 3D in glorious fashion. Why so?

Jackson is shooting The Hobbit with one of the better camera systems on the planet, namely the RED Epic. His RED cameras have been rigged for serious, in-camera stereoscopic filmmaking. No 2D conversion for him- or us, thank goodness. Least not on The Hobbit. Following the debacle the recent Clash of the Titans proved to be (Mr. Ray Harryhausen, I stand and salute you Sir), Jackson’s well on the right track. Apparently, there was much back and forth between AVATAR mastermind James Cameron and Lord of the Rings Maestro Peter Jackson during pre-production, so I can’t wait to see the fruits of those conversations on screen. Mr. Magoo glasses be damned.

One great thing about Peter Jackson is that as much as he likes to keep a secret, he’s very generous to his fan base (and the curious) as to what he’s working on. Jackson gleefully shares the production goings-on of  he and his merry band of wizards. In that, Jackson and crew have posted the latest of several videos opening the window to the world behind the cameras. Much like Jackson’s production video journals of yore, released years before The Lord of the Rings reached the screen, we get a mini tour of the making The Hobbit, Mr. Jackson leading the way. Jackson himself is a huge fan of stereoscopic imagery, shooting many stereoscopic images on set of while shooting the Rings trilogy. Thee is hope some of these images will make it to a Blue Ray release one day in the near future.

Right round 1:26, Jackson’s stalwart Stereo experts share a simple explanation f the stereoscopic process they are currently utilizing- sort of  Stereoscopic Filmmaking 101- definitely worth a look, and an impressive peek into the camera centric part of the process ;

There has been talk from Peter Jackson’s camp of a potential 2D to 3D conversion of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, but who knows. Maybe by the time a real decision is made, there’ll be better equipped studios on the market ready to tackle such a formidable venture– and we’ll be the recipients of much awesomeness should it pan out. I await, fingers crossed.

As for shooting the shooting The Hobbit in stereoscopic 3D, for Peter Jackson, “it’s a dream come true”. With his history of making films of epic scale and grandeur, who knew he’d have yet more dreams to come true? Geez, Lord of the Rings, King Kong, The Frighteners- what else to do?     -M

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