Get a Grip on FCPX with iPad!

The iPad is making me think twice about FCPX.    Is that wrong?

In my humble experience, bridging the gap between app’s, mobile technology and film production workflow is (almost) never easy. Launching oneself onto the front end of the effort can be a grand adventure; and what is FCPX if not some Diabolically Grande Adventure?  In the spirit of pushing envelopes and squeezing a degree of handiness from FCPX, the fine folks at provide respite, complete with a video!  Isn’t that just the coolest?  Yes, it is.

Ok, here’s the scoop on Le Poop courtesy of CreativeCOW contributor extraordinaire, Mr. Sam McGuire:

“Need to make a quick edit while on the road or export a project from a remote location? Using an iPad, Skype, SoundFlower,, and your primary Final Cut station, you can edit from anywhere you have a network connection. (Whoa!)

“While not the only way to complete this task, the described method provides stability, flexibility, and quality. This tutorial describes the setup and basic functionality of the involved tools.”  Here, you’ll find the video tutorial – so have at it!

The process and procedure is actually even funner than it sounds. No really. Have a look at the video, and see what all manner of editorial efficiency you might come away with, knowing you can work the FCPX magic… remotely. Cool enough. 

Hey – Let me know what you think!

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