Final Cut Pro X- What does ‘X’ really mean?

We can talk, right?

I’m gonna be up front. I’ve been using Final Cut Pro since version 1.2. I’m sold on Macs, too. Till now, I’ve been really happy (Ok, generally happy, not counting my LaCie HD issues). I’m happy running Final Cut Pro on my Macs cause the two seem so well connected (most of the time). Like chocolate and peanut butter, they just seem to go together.

I like chocolate with my peanut butter.

Funny, alot of people feel the same way about Final Cut Pro in it’s previous incarnation, Version 7. Works well, does the job, and everybody ‘s happy. But not if you’re working for Apple software development. Appears  the Den of Development Dynamos behind the recent FCP X transgression thought it high time to throw a proverbial monkey wrench in the FCP  works. What about updating to say, FCP 7.5? maybe a Version 8.0? Hell no! They’re tossing that stuff  in the can, cause they’re going all the way to ‘X’, baby! Yeah!

I don’t much like mayonnaise with my peanut butter & chocolate, but apparently some folks at Apple, do.

Hence, the debacle has been obliging folks all over to throw their arms up in outrage, despair or sheer frustration over several problems specific to the latest incarnation of their beloved Final Cut Pro. For the laundry list of problems from a professional standpoint, here’s a link to Oliver Peter’s awesome editing/ post production blog, Digitalfilms. In his post, FCP X Roadblocks, Peter goes into much more detail than I would care to here. Why not? Cause he’s so nailed it HERE. Speaking of nailing it, Mr. Larry Jordan had dropped his fog-piercing view of FCP X in the Editors Guild magazine, HERE.

I’ll sum up my little rant in a very tongue in cheek sort of way, courtesy of Raberco, who’s brilliant take on the current Final Cut Pro X debacle is below. Enjoy!

Copyright All rights reserved by raberco

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