Chief Serenbe: Roadside Stop Motion!

Getting some Stop Motion mileage with a DSLR on the road– Jack Kerouac style.

The digital revolution brought stop motion animation into the ‘real’ world , as Evan Curtis has aptly demonstrated with his short- Chief Serenbe. The plan?  Grab your puppet, get out of the house and shoot your story.  Edit on the fly (and in Curtis’ case, Avid). Guerrilla animation!

Shot over ten days, and (for a number of shots) literally on the side of the road, Curtis has proven you can shoot a poignant, engaging stop-motion film with a simple DSLR camera set up and minimal construction. Brilliant!

Swing by the official site, have a look at the clip and  get the skinny on this very cool film currently touring the festival circuit. Nice stuff. So nice, in fact, Chief Serenbe is part of Cartoon Brew’s Student Film Festival–  Very Nice!

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