Get Rich in Television Without Really Trying!

We caught some air May 25 on Bravo!

Yup, it’s been awhile, but some good news is here! Courtesy of the lovely folks at Bravo!FACT in Toronto, How To Get Rich In Television will be part of a wondrous assortment of shorts (supported generously by Bravo!FACT), over a series of several installments in the coming weeks. Neat, eh?

Here’s more what the series is all a-boot (after the jump);

Launching at the beginning of May 2011, In Short is the only Canadian TV destination in an easily accessible time slot dedicated to short films. Eight new one-hour specials featuring Canadian short films will air over eight consecutive weeks. The shorts have all been produced with funds awarded by Bell Media’s Bravo!FACT (Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent). (Of which Get Rich as well as our other short, The Pit and the Pendulum, would have nought been produced, so I LOVE these folks for their support).

Each episode is based on one of the seven deadly sins and their accompanying virtues: pride/humility, envy/kindness, lust/chastity, greed/charity, wrath/patience, sloth/diligence and gluttony/temperance. Renowned film critic Richard Crouse ( hosts all eight In Short episodes, serving as a guide for the viewer. While only excerpts of some of the shorts will be shown on the series—in order to showcase a wide range of films— full shorts will be available for viewing on

“How to Get Rich in Television Without Really Trying” will be airing in episode #4, about Greed and Charity, and will be posted in full on the web. Neato!

Here’s what Canadian production mag PLAYBACK has to say;

“So Canadian short film investor Bravo!FACT has launched a dedicated YouTube channel to reach a wider audience beyond the TV set.

The Bravo!FACT / YouTube channel comes just as the Canadian film funder unveils In Short, an eight-part series of one-hour specials on Bravo! that features short films by veteran and novice Canadian filmmakers.

Bravo!FACT executive director Judy Gladstone told Playback Daily that the In Short films, inspired by the theme of the Seven Deadly Sins, represents far more than the amateur video that dominates online video sites.

“This is a unique channel, limited to short films produced with high production values for broadcast,” she said of the YouTube collaboration that includes a revenue-share with filmmakers.

“They’re not produced for YouTube, not slapped together and let’s give it a go. And they’re not aimed at young teen demo. These films are produced for TV, and it’s a high-end curated YouTube channel,” Gladstone added. (Read PLAYBACK’s full article, Here).

During the two-month broadcast period of In Short, will host a global survey called Planet Sin, created by Amythos Media. Planet Sin will encourage people to confess and air grievances about sinful behaviour around the world, mapping these sins for all to see and explore, be it a minor misdemeanour or the repressive action of a tyrannical world leader. The Planet Sin community then pronounces judgement, casting votes for shame or forgiveness. Through this process, we will discover the sins relevant to today’s world.

Geez, I hope there’s a special place for the television industry… we’re going to need alot of server space for that, I’m betting.

SO, peel yourselves away from the water cooler/ wii console and have a look at the show on Bravo!

How to Get Rich in Television Without Really Trying

In Short

Planet Sin


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