Pro Color Correction- on iPad? Whoa.

Surfacing like a pint-sized Leviathan from the deeps of broadcast techno-coolness comes a color correction app – for iPad!

Long time award-winning Director of Photography Yuri Neyman, ASC and color correction/ visual effects/ production/post-production workflow guru Bob Currier are the developers of the 3cP Image Control system for iPad and iPhone users, on-set. This app was designed for DP’s and directors keen to get out of the video village to have a private huddle away from the ever-crowded monitors in the video tent.  Finally!

The skinny from Gamma & Density:

This fresh from their site; “Gamma & Density’s innovative 3cP on-set color correction system helps cinematographers arrive at their desired look during a telecine and DI session by relying on a system of patented color charts and the proprietary software that functions as a common language between DP’s, DIT’s and telecine/DI colorists. The iPad version of iC supports printer lights, curves, lift-gain-gamma controls, 3D LUTs, and the ASC’s CDL for camera types including Canon DSLR, ARRI Alexa, RED MX and Epic, and Sony F23 and F35.

Camera to PC to iPad

Footage is retrieved by the iPad once it’s been transferred from the camera to a PC or laptop. It includes a screen calibration system, supports custom profiles corresponding to specific film stocks, filters, as well as push, pull, bleach bypass processes, etc. Image Control also sports selectable Waveform-monitor, vector scope and histogram displays. But wait, there’s more; tools for cropping and annotating images with extra metadata are included.” User’s can ply Image Control in conjunction with Mac’s OS X 3cP application or as a standalone iOS app. Got info to share concerning color decisions, etc?  Send them along to post-production from the application directly, via email.

Did you catch this? Works on iPhone, too.

The iPhone version is cool indeed, though stripped down and tinier, so this version may not meet your specs for full-in functionality. The iPad version, on the other hand, sports a familiar color -correction tool set with interface clarity expected of the iPad. Apple is apparently reviewing the app as I write this, so should things go as planned, we’ll be seeing this on the iTunes store soon! While the wheels of industry turn, have a gander at the demo vid:

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