Technicolor Stereoscopic 3D Fix-It Chart. Free!

Technicolor has come up with a handy chart addressing common hiccups and hurdles inherent in 3D Stereoscopic production, which can result in suboptimal 3D content for broadcast. How cool is that?

Technicolor’s Certi3D Program

The kind folks at Technicolor just keep on giving. The chart is part of Technicolor’s Certi3D Program, a certification program designed for broadcasters and content providers keen to deliver a high quality 3D experience to their customers.  The 15 point chart covers luminance and depth of field, hyperconvergence and 2D-to-3D ratio. Practical, fun and cool to have hanging around. This Wonderful Chart is FREE for your downloading pleasure (in PDF format), so click the image below right and have at it!

The 3D Fix It Chart- Free!

With chart on wall, anyone shooting stereo 3D video (with some experience in shooting & post-producing 3D video) can have a look at the chart, take into consideration the illustrated common issues and avoid them, regardless of specific software in use.  The principles and problems are general, no matter what you’re using.

In an effort to level the grade, and the very steep learning curve accessible, this awesome, easy to to use 15-point chart  covers most of the basics.

Consider the steep incline of stereoscopic 3D, now with a chairlift installed. That would be this chart.  Cool, no?

A Word from Technicolor HQ

“Technicolor Certifi3D was created to ensure that 3D material meets minimum quality requirements before it is delivered to consumers.  As part of the service, Technicolor evaluates each shot against a set of objective criteria for stereographic reproduction, including a 15-point quality checklist to identify common errors in production which result in suboptimal 3D content. The company will also offer training programs to broadcasters and content creators to help them migrate their production and post-production techniques from traditional television to the three dimensional medium.”

“Behind the technology that serves as the foundation for the Technicolor Certifi3D service is an advanced 3D analysis software tool that was developed by Technicolor’s Research and Innovation team.  Utilizing the left and right source masters, the software builds a 3D model in real time giving an accurate pixel count for objects that are too close or too far away from the viewer that would result in discomfort.  It also automatically detects and flags conflicts with the edges of the TV screen, another significant source of discomfort for 3D in the home.”

“Our 3D certification platform allows our stereo technicians to quickly and precisely diagnose many of the issues that create viewer fatigue and discomfort” says Pierre (Pete) Routhier, Technicolor’s Vice President for 3D product strategy and business development. “Our goal in launching the Certifi3D program was to take a proactive approach in support of the industry to ensure a consistent and quality end consumer 3D experience in the home.”

Technicolor’s Certifi 3D Program will be available to those fortunate folks in Los Angeles or London, with other global locations planned.

(Source: Technicolor, of course.)

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