Free Adobe CS5 eBook? Yes, it’s true.

Mr. Richard Harrington, I salute you.


Richard Harrington has done the world a Big Huge Good Thing with his recent release of a 100% FREE CS5 Creative Suite Tips & Tricks eBook (PDF) which will help us all Get More Done with Adobe’s Creative Suite CS5.

You CAN haz cheezeburger.

EBook in hand, you’ll be ready to explore the creative possibilities of DSLR video editing with Adobe’s Creative Suite 5 software bundle; it’s loaded with tips and tricks for helping you navigate the mind-bending plethora of creative calamity that awaits in the  Creative Suite CS5.

This wondrous gift, like happiness, is not something you can buy. Why?  Because it’s Free.

In that, might I mention legal, too?  Let’s check out what’s under the hood:

  • Working in the timeline of Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Get more done with Adobe Photoshop
  • Get organized with Adobe Bridge
  • Working with audio
  • Adobe After Effects Advanced techniques
  • Good shooting practices and Production Techniques
  • Sharing and publishing your video

Do yourself a favor and download a copy of Richard Harrington’s free CS5 eBook.

If you’re in the market for yet more info on the fusion of video and DSLR photography, immerse yourself in From Still to Motion, at

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