Idea’s are the easy part…

Toss a bread loaf in the super market, and you’ll likely hit someone with an interesting story to tell.

Yet, even with a world full of interesting stories floating around, it takes much more than tossing bread loaves around to get folks interested, or caring, about the story you’re keen to tell. Thus, the Big Question; how to get your work out there to market in such a way that your belief in the project, and the integrity of the project itself, is perceived as relevant and genuine? Micheal Margolis of is here to guide the wary thru the social media briar patch, with aim to help us develop a mindset geared to marketing & branding projects to create an audience looking to buy your work. Have a look at Margolis’ recent presentation at DIY Days NYC, a brilliant event hosted by the folks of

Margolis has also released a very cool, FREE (.pdf version) ‘Storytelling Manifesto’ for Change-Makers and Innovators, exploring: How Ideas Become Reality, Engaging the Status Quo, and Finding Relevance. Check it out at While you’re popping around, swing by Lance Weiler’s Workbookproject. Whole lot of awesome going on there.

Cheers, M.

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