So, You Wanna Make a 3D Film?

Great interview sprouted up at The Workbook Project, fanning the coals of my current obsession with 3D and the crater it’s making at the cineplex, thought I’d share a bit. WB Contributor Peter Katz hooked SXSW panelist Keefe Boerner for a chat, (Mr. Boerner joined the 3D Stereoscopic Production Tools, Production and Post panel at SXSW). Enlightening stuff surged forth. Here’s a teaser:

PK: What is your advice to low budget ($100,00-$500,000) filmmakers who want to do a movie in 3D?

KB: “Forget about Stereo and focus on getting the story, actors and production design right. I’d ask them why they feel stereo is important. Of course, the economics of box office make it very desirable to have a stereo release, but bad stereo can ruin a good picture. And, with major box office films dominating the 3D screen space, there isn’t going to be a place for a low budget feature. It can also add significantly to the time and expense of production. I guess I would first talk them out of it unless I felt all the money for other needs was appropriately cared for.”

Whoa! Reality check received, HQ.

Lots of wisdom to be had on the topic, so head on over HERE and have a read, *before* jumping headlong into the wild, wooly world of stereoscopic storytelling…
Cheers, M.

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