Dear Hollywood, buckle your seatbelts! had a great article on the changes movie studios will be facing with the advent of technological change and storytelling…. they called it a ‘Minifesto for a New Age’.
With the iPod came the advent of portable viewing, listening, gaming and communications devices as part of our daily lives… and a whole new way of consuming our media outside traditional channels. Music, television, games, movies, fashion- pop culture is now consumed much the same way we devour popcorn and candy, conveniently packaged bite-size bits built for easy munching  at maximum frequency & speed. Pop Culture as ‘snack culture’.

Peter Gruber, CEO and chair of Mandalay Entertainment Group and host of AMC’s Sunday Morning Shootout has an interesting perspective to share; “They say movies are dead. Movies aren’t dead. People are seeing more movies than ever before – they’re just seeing them in new and different ways. It’s not written in the Bible, “A movie shall be two hours.” Somebody made that up to sell theater tickets.
With technology, the very definition of a story has changed. It used to mean an actor and a script. Now a story is a 15 second, no-dialog clip of somebody running across the street. An artist used to be the person who could get the studio to finance, manufacture, and distribute a story. Today an artist is somebody sitting in Des Moines in front of his computer – and his audience isn’t a million folks at once, but one person a million times over. I now look to GoFish and YouTube to get ideas, to see what’s going on. They show me not only what people are posting, but also what people like. It’s a much better metric than a Nielsen rating system.
We are all scrambling to construct a new model to profit from these bits and pieces, but there’s so much out there, it’s like trying to harness a tornado and getting spat out the top. I definitely don’t have the answer yet. I don’t even understand all the questions. But if people are thinking this is the end of Hollywood, they’re wrong. This is a whole new beginning. “

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