NYC’s Film & Finance Folks Mix It Up

NYCFF Film & Finance Industry Mixer is a great excuse to stay out late and mix it up with like-minded filmmakers and financiers, keen to work together in producing independent and feature films for theatrical distribution. Here’s the skinny from the site:


NYCFF Film and Finance Industry Mixer is a member community of individuals in both the film and finance industries interested in working together to produce independent & feature films for theatrical distribution. Film Directors, Producers, and Investors are welcome to join.
This monthly event is to help Entrepreneurs, attorneys, bankers, investment managers, entertainment lawyers, venture capitalists and above the line film professionals (producers, directors, casting directors, etc.) connect on film and television projects.

Join us from 6:30-9:30PM for an evening of drinks, film conversation and business card exchange.
NEXT EVENT DATE: Weds., Match 31st from 6:30-9:30pm
Where: GStaad, 43 West 26th Street (near 6th Ave), NY, NY
Cost: $10 p/person

If you’re in the city and you get to the event, I’d love to get your take- send me a note, lt me know what you thought.
Cheers, Luge

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