An IMAX film made in a Basement

OUTSIDE IN is a film composed entirely of still images garnered from NASA’s immense archive of space exploration still photographs.  Hundreds of thousands of them.
Keeping the budget within some semblance of feasibility (to complete the film on his own, without studio help), Van Vuuren is exploiting recent advances in desktop computer tech (and years of experimentation) in wrangling a vast array of amazing imagery into his full-motion film. Much like an animated epic, whereas every frame is a still image in and of itself, these are all disparate stills shot by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft merrily snapping away as it whirled to Saturn. For Van Vuuren, these multitudes of photo’s are the buildings blocks of his photo-motion collages created with Photoshop and After Effects.

The film,  using innovative visual techniques to create full motion, Outside In is being created on home-built computers by filmmaker Stephen Van Vuuren in his basement studio. Amazingly, the finished film will be screened at 4K resolution, in IMAX quality, on massive screens with concert-quality surround sound systems. Accompanied by a synchronized light show, folks ready to have their minds blown will be witness to the awe-inspiring demonstration in planetariums, museums and in limited-release IMAX venues.

Check out the website HERE– there’s lots of opportunity to help get this Labor of Love project to completion. There’s even an opportunity to be a “Virtual Extra” in the film!



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