Masters of Visual Effects Vids – Online & FREE!

Several years back, Matt Silverman, Creative Director of Bonfire Labs, took it upon himself to enlist some of the best vfx, motion graphics artists and animation pros industry-wide to build visual effects training videos that were timeless, concept-based and above all,  software-agnostic.

The original videos were released on VHS (I’m feeling that-) and have since gone the way of the dinosaur, as such. That being the case, Matt (being a generous guy), has since begun digitizing those hallowed VHS tapes, henceforth loading them online for the benefit of we mere mortals. Now how cool is that? Below is the first of the bunch from Series 2 (which covers compositing, keying, tracking, paint and rotoscoping). Ponder the goodness, won’t you-

These things are just plain brilliant, and if you’re like me, you see a good thing when it’s handed to you. Grab these while you can. The Batch of ’em are stashed HERE.

Cheers! M.

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