Right on time for Edgar Allan Poe’s 200th birthday January 14th, (yup, it’s true- Old Man Poe has a Big Day coming up), the fine folks of JAZMA Online have posted an interview with Yours Truly. Covering my trajectory from single-celled wannabe to burgeoning multi-media super hero, our good friends of Jazma-ville focussed on my career in film & television; where it all started for me, where I’ve been/ worked on, where things are going (easy to predict, with the current economy)… The apex of this venture into my biographical brewhaha is of course the upcoming release of my graphical adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s story, THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM. Always a fun read ( in a Vincent Price/ Gothic horror sort of way), I invite you to have a look at the interview, sample the wares of the DVD, and pre-order the comic for yourself! A bit late for holiday gifting, but never too late for sharing… Cheers, Marc